Visit of the IS2M Institut

The Institute of Materials Science of Mulhouse, IS2M-LRC 7228, is a research laboratory belonging to both the CNRS and the University of Haut Alsace (UHA). IS2M conducts research of excellence in materials science in the fields of chemistry and physic of surfaces and interfaces, conception and optimisation of materials and nano-materials (polymers, carbons, ceramics, oxides, semi-conductors, biomaterials...)
and their industrial valorization.

Fundamental research conducted at the IS2M is strongly related to projects of a high industrial and development potentials and of a strong socio-economic impact in a large variety of application domains like energy, automobile, environment, microelectronic, a.o. The visit of the institute will give a deep insight into current research related to the S_LIFE topics and objectives.


Institute of Materials Science of Mulhouse,
IS2M-LRC 7228
15, rue Jean Starcky
BP 2488
68057 Mulhouse cedex, FRANCE


Coming by train
The IS2M institute is accessible in approximately 30 min by tramway. Tramway is directly available at the train station and it is e easiest and cheapest way to go from the train station to the conference location:

  • At the train station, take Line 1 or 3 until "Porte Jeune" station.
  • At "Porte Jeune" station, take line 2 (towards "Coteaux") until "Université" station
  • At "Université" station, walk about 500m to the IS2M institute
    More information about Mulhouse tramway and bus: Sole

Coming by plane
There is no train or shuttle from the EuroAirport to Mulhouse. The most convenient way is to take a taxi at the EuroAirport:
Destination: Université de Haute Alsace, rue Alfred Werner, Mulhouse (just behind the tramway station "Université")

  • Distance: 40 km • Estimated time: 35 min • Estimated cost: 45 €
    Then walk about 500m to the IS2M institute.

Coming by car
A free car park is available at the entry of the university campus just behind the tramway station "Université": rue des Frères Lumière, Mulhouse.
Then walk about 500m to the IS2M institute.

Interactive map on line: S_LIFE Conference access map

FP7 - seventh framework programme
European Union
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7 under grant agreement n° 285811.