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Fascination with nonwovens: innovative Sandler nonwovens inspire markets


Established in 1879, Sandler AG today ranks among the largest nonwovens producers worldwide. With comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we are one of the leading suppliers to the construction/engineering, filtration, home textiles, hygiene transportation and wipes industry. At our company headquarters in the heart of Europe, we implement ideas and new developments quickly and have a flexible approach to dealing with changes in the market. These are the trademarks that continue to make Sandler a potent partner. In close collaboration with our customers we enhance their market prospects by pioneering products. To support this we continually invest in state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing equipment, to create a wide range of nonwovens for the most diverse applications. Our development resources are solidly financed and by remaining independent, we are able to react quickly to change – to the benefit of our customers.

Interior: For the automotive industry, Sandler AG offers a wide range of lightweight absorber nonwovens that cover almost all applications for acoustically efficient components in vehicle interiors. They dampen engine and driving noise, promoting a quiet drive and conversations at a normal volume – even at high speeds. Highly efficient, odourless fibrous absorbers are applied in headliner and seat pan, in dashboard and parcel shelf, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, they contribute to optimising the interior climate. Anthracite-coloured product variants are available for visible applications. Self-supporting, lightweight and temperature-resistant nonwovens for moulded parts offer excellent contour-precision and enable very deep mouldings. These nonwovens feature high mechanical stability as well as acoustic efficiency. Panelling on columns, doors or boot floor can be accurately adapted to the respective component.

Exterior: The engine is the heart of the vehicle. Materials applied in the engine compartment have to be especially resilient, durable and – just like the engine itself – offer optimum performance. Use of the wrong material may easily result in fluid leakage or cable fires. Sandler AG offers this „media resistance“: Sandler nonwovens resist even high variations in temperature. The extremely light single-polymer materials achieve maximum efficiency at low component thickness. They are flexibly adaptable and ideally suited for sound and heat insulation. This way, they reduce the sound field of the engine and connected units as well as slowing down their cooling during standstills. In this way, they contribute to reducing   fuel consumption. Windscreen cleaners, coolants or engine oil do not damage these robust nonwovens either. Applied as textile wheel house liners or undershield, hydro- and oleophobic Sandler absorbers for exterior applications withstand weather and dirt.

Seat: Travelling hundreds of kilometres in one day, being stuck in a traffic jam for hours – and yet arriving relaxed. Especially frequent drivers require a seat that accommodates the driver, not the other way around. It should be ergonomically designed, feature a high recovery rate and optimally supporting back and body contour. Additionally, sitting in one place for a long time, drivers do not want to sweat too much. Sandler upholstery nonwovens provide optimum, lasting seating comfort and additionally offer high air-permeability. They are drapeable and feature a very low level of creasing. In seat and backrest nonwovens can be individually adapted to product requirements. Even in when combined with other materials and surfaces, they keep their shape.

Technologies / Research Focus

Sandler uses state-of-the-art, production technologies that can be combined with each other. They enable the company to manufacture customised multi-layer materials and composites as well as innovative products featuring specific properties:

  • carded nonwovens
  • mechanically bonded nonwovens
  • thermally bonded nonwovens
  • spunlace nonwovens
  • meltblown nonwovens
  • composites

Products / Services

sawasorb® - polyester nonwovens for absorber systems

sawasorb® exterior – hydrophobic, media-resistant nonwovens for absorber systems in exterior applications

sawasorb® advanced – highly efficient absorbers for small installation spaces

sawaform® - carrier materials for moulded parts

sawaloom® & sawatex® - polyester nonwovens for upholstery

sawabond® - cover nonwovens made of polyester


Sandler AG develops and produces innovative, high quality nonwovens for various sectors. With our extensive know-how we are among the leading automotive suppliers of absorbers, carrier materials for moulded parts as well as upholstery and cover nonwovens. To the automotive industry Sandler offers fluid- & dirt-repellent sawasorb® exterior qualities for exterior applications such as engine covers, undershield or in wheel house liners. Light-weight sawasorb® absorber nonwovens cover almost all applications for acoustically effective components in the interior. Lightweight, self-supporting, temperature-stable sawaform® nonwovens for moulded parts allow for perfect mould configuration and excellent acutance due to high mechanical stability. Minibond/Soft-Touch nonwovens for seat upholstery feature drapeability, a high recovery rate and reduce creasing.

Highly efficient absorber sawasorb® advanced (source: Sandler AG)
Highly efficient absorber sawasorb® advanced (source: Sandler AG)
Nonwovens for seat upholstery (source: Sandler AG)
Nonwovens for seat upholstery (source: Sandler AG)
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