KRELUS - The Swiss Quality Infrared System


For more than 40 years we developed and produced Infrared-Heaters with highest performance and fast reaction.
Due to the highly acknowledged Swiss quality, KRELUS is in a position to supply products worldwide to more than 60 countries.
Our high performance equipments are used on all continents,

Technologies / Research Focus

  • Coating of plastic, textile, paper, etc.
  • Thermoforming
  • Activating of glue
  • Melting of plastic powder
  • Curing of plastics (gelification)
  • Preheating before embossing
  • Welding of car parts (also 3D)

Products / Services

  • Infrared-heater
  • Electrical and Electronic controls


The fast medium wave KRELUS IR-heaters are superior. Due to the physical properties of almost all materials wich can be treated by infrared, the medium-wave radiation in the range of 2.5 µm - 3.5 µm gets the best results.

This is just the emission range where our KRELUS IR-heaters gets the highest performance. Our modular and custom made IR-heaters leave all opportunities for the individual, almost endless applications.

The KRELUS-IR-heaters are working with the shortest reaction time ON/OFF. This guarantees the highest economical use of electrical energy and fastest adaption to required temperatures on product surfaces.

Consequently our IR-heaters are highly active with gentle action for products and even more important: they are energy saving.

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FP7 - seventh framework programme
European Union
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7 under grant agreement n° 285811.