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Blow in technology for 3D fiber formed parts


3D fiber formed parts!

We design and manufacture machines and tools for Fiber Injection Molding FIM. With innovation and Know How we allow the manufacturing of complex 3D fiber shaped parts for acoustic and thermal isolations with thermoplastic or duroplastic material group. Also functional parts are possible with our technology.

Sprachkompetenz: Deutsch, Englisch

Auslandserfahrung: Europa, Brasilien, Mexiko, USA, China, Israel, Japan, Philippinen, Sri Lanka, Südkorea

Technologies / Research Focus

FIM technology is covered by patents in more than 30 countries. With FIM it is possible to produce according contour and 3D shape with homogeneous or non homogeneous density according specifications.

3D formed parts could be produced material and weight optimized.

Fiber Engineering is winner of Environmental Technology Award Baden Württemberg 2013 for efficiency production.

Products / Services

  • Development of fiber formed parts
  • Production of machines for fiber injection technology
  • Production of prototypes and small production series of fiber formed parts
  • Deveopment and production of tools for fiber injection technology

Cooperation Opportunities

In group with Robert Bürkle GmbH.


Fiber engineering GmbH developed a fiber injecting procedure to manufacture 3D fiber shaped parts with different density and different thickness with an automated process. Different kinds of fibers can be used like cotton, hemp, glass, polyester or others. Multilevel structure, also only partially, is possible.

PES fiber part (source: Fiber Engineering GmbH)
PES fiber part (source: Fiber Engineering GmbH)
Cotton fiber part (source: Fiber Engineering GmbH)
Cotton fiber part (source: Fiber Engineering GmbH)
Fiber Engineering GmbH
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FP7 - seventh framework programme
European Union
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7 under grant agreement n° 285811.