First S_LIFE study visit at Fiat Research Center

Representatives of Automotive Cluster of Slovenia and SPIRIT Slovenija participatet
source: S_LIFE, Turin, 22 January 2014

Representatives of Automotive Cluster of Slovenia and SPIRIT Slovenija - Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism attended the first study visit in the framework of the project S-life that was hosted by CEIPiemonte. Study visit was attended by 27 representatives from 12 companies and institutions from Slovenia.

A brief presentation of the project S_LIFE its purpose and benefits was held at the outset of the study visit. S_LIFE is a European project which brings together seven partners from six countries and promotes an integrated approach of the life cycle of the vehicle. At the same time the projects aims to develop the cooperation between EU's leading regions in the automotive industry, that will bring new solutions to both the scientific and economic matters (new technologies, multidisciplinary research, new business models). Study visits are one of the activities of the project that are for Slovenia, as a learning region in this project, of particular importance. Such visits aim to promote and share good practices in more developed regions, promote education and networking and are targeted to policy makers as well as professionals from companies, researchers and students.


Representatives from 12 companies and institutions attended the staff exchange.

Representatives from 12 companies and institutions attended

As a part of the study visit, the participants visited the center of excellence specializing in the recovery of automotive engines, gearboxes, turbines and injectors RoMec Spa. In company with 40 years of tradition, that employs 70 workers, annual renewal of approximately 31,000 automotive parts and thus generates 9 million euros turnover, was one of the first companies to regenerate automotive parts from Fiat Corporation.

In the afternoon, the Fiat Research Center have presented current and forecasted research and development, use of new materials and examples of good practice in recycling and reuse of materials from discarded vehicles.


Company visit:  Fiat Research Center

As part of the life-cycle program of vehicles "Long Life Cycle" is a network of companies for recycling, scrapping and dismantling vehicles through which 14 million vehicles is annually recycled. In Slovenia, their partner company is Eko-Mobil. The problem faced is a major export of used vehicles to South and South African markets, which for them represents lost vehicles for recycling. Recycled materials are suitable for further use such as: recycled automotive glass is suitable for the manufacture of bottles; material from processed tires can be used in the manufacture of asphalt that creates a better surface for better grip even better driving characteristics and is more durable. Important is also the processing of various metals. 

Director of ACS, Mr Dušan Bušen highlighted that Slovenian companies have the opportunity to learn about the transfer of knowledge and system of reuse of materials throughout the life cycle of the car and thus have the opportunity to meet new partners for new business integration. This way we want to encourage and open the opportunities to participate in the project, which will develop methods and procedures for reuse of automotive parts and materials, which can bring new competitive advantages for Slovenian companies."


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