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Welcome to VÖLKL Motorentechnik

VÖLKL Motorentechnik constructs and manufactures cylinders/pistons/connecting rods of steel/casting/aluminium/titan/carbon on CNC-machines for prototypes and motor sports. In the mechanical workshop engines and/or parts will be modified and processed on special machines, completed to prototypes and test sustainers in the assembly department and tested on function and controlled through measuring data acquisition on own test benches.

Products / Services

  • Manufacturing: CNC-turning and milling of cast/steel/alu/titan and carbonized material
  • Pistons: Aluminium and carbon for 2 cycle, 4 cycle and diesel motors
  • Construction: 3D-CAD-construction and simulation
  • Crankshafts: Full steel prototypes for
  • Engine construction: Assembly and measuring of prototypes and test engines
  • Engine processing: Cylinder grinding, engine maintenance, mechanical workshop
  • Engine test bench: Function and aggregate test, measure data acquisition, programming
  • Connecting rod: Titan/steel/aluminium connecting rods one-piece and two pieces
  • Balance technology: CNC-digital balance technology for waves and rotors
  • Cylinder: Steel/casting/alu with coating


Our headquarters are in Tirschenreuth at the highway A93 between Regensburg and Hof. We are a small medium-sized operation with 10 employées, divided in five departments:

  • Construction through 3D-CAD-application
  • CNC-cut and mechanical manufacturing of special material for prototypes and pilot lot
  • Mechanical workshop equipped with engine-processing-machines
  • Assembly of engines, repairing and maintenance of internal combustion engines
  • Test benches of engines and vehicles with adequate measuring technology.

The parts-spectrum extends on the manufacturing and processing of crank gear pieces for internal combustion engines. We process lightweight material like titan, carbon and ceramical materials. Our clientele is motorsports, engine-pre development and the engine test- and prototypes construction.

Headquarter Tirschenreuth
Assembly of engines
Völkl Motorentechnik GmbH
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95643 Tirschenreuth
Robert Völkl
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FP7 - seventh framework programme
European Union
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7 under grant agreement n° 285811.