Interregional projects proposed in a Joint Action Plan

The aim being to progress towards the goal set in the Vision Document
source: S_LIFE

Combining a bottom-up approach with interviews of the actors of the automotive value chain along the life cycle and a top-down approach with the analysis of existing research work and regional SWOT, the S_LIFE Joint Action Plan has now been defined. It describes the activities that will be undertaken by the S_LIFE consortium over the next years. The aim being to progress towards the goal set in the Vision Document.

Actions are unique and should not duplicate existing research. They will improve the life cycle performance of materials. They are concrete and tailored towards the skills available among the S_LIFE regions. The Joint Action Plan is flexible: new high quality research actions can be added to the S_LIFE programme.

Beyond the description of the ideas, which are split between regional support actions and R&D actions, the process towards implementation is provided. The financial requirements and strategy is explained in a separate Business Plan, and suggest both the private and public funding strategies. S_LIFE partners will encourage the exploitation of activities among their networks, and will take part in activities matching to their regional needs.

(The validation by the EC is still pending.)

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