Study Visit Daimler - Porsche - BMW

Companies from Slowenian automotive industry learned about the dismantling and recycling of vehicles

Within the 3rd study visit of the project S_LIFE, the companies from S-life regions, had an opportunity to learn about the technologies for the separation and recycling of materials in the automotive industry in companies BMW, Porsche and Daimler. Two-day visit was organized by the Bayern Innovativ and automotive - bw/RKW Baden-Wuerttemberg in cooperation with ACS and other S_LIFE consortium members.

Recycling and Remanufacturing: Anita Engler Certification, Environment and Regulatory Affairs, Daimler AG

Representatives of the companies BMW, Porsche and Daimler presented to the participants their environmental strategies and efficiency of the materials management, open innovation and practical applications in the field of new materials in the automotive industry. In the second part of the visit the participants visited the BMW centre for recycling and dismantling of vehicles and the Mercedes-Benz Centre for scrapping of vehicles and re-use of spare parts. Further on, Porsche gave an insight into their environmental policy and the efficiency of resource management in the automotive industry.

The participants in front of the Daimler Dismantling Center

Study visit was attended by 14 representatives of Slovenian companies, 4 from France, 2 from the Netherlands and 12 from Germany. The representatives of ACS also attended the exchange related to the transfer of good practices provided by the colleagues from the automotive clusters from leading regions in the automotive industry in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. They discussed the practical application of the concept of open innovation in the field of new materials in the automotive industry and the ecological life cycle assessment of the product.

BMW Recycling and Dismantling Center

Director of the Automotive Cluster of Slovenia, Mr. Dušan Bušen was pleased with the visit: "The participants were very satisfied, because at current study visit, the participants had the chance to learn how the vehicle manufacturers themselves deal with the recycling and scrapping of vehicles, while during the previous visits the emphasis was more on an independent enterprises dealing with the efficient management of materials. At innovation centers we have had a chance to learn about the environmental strategy of the most successful vehicle manufacturers and how it is applied in practice. This also has a lot of added value for further development of this sector and the entire automotive industry in Slovenia. "

Dr. Rolf Reiner, automotive-bw in discussion with Slowenian participants.                           

S_LIFE is a European project which brings together seven partners from six countries and promotes the efficient use of materials throughout the life cycle of the car (from car concept to the re-use of waste materials). The project seeks to develop cooperation between Europe's leading regions in the automotive industry, which will bring new solutions to both the scientific and economic matters (new technologies, multi-disciplinary research, and new business models). Study visits are a part of one work packages of the project, which for Slovenia, as so called a learning region in this project, are of particular importance. Through such visits sharing good practices from more developed countries, education and networking are intended for policy makers as well as professionals in companies, researchers and students.

FP7 - seventh framework programme
European Union
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7 under grant agreement n░ 285811.